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Hello blog I never use but am planning to migrate our personal journal to - mostly for easier sorting and us being able to comment properly on our own posts which we can control better.

Essentially, done some thinking on how I personally react on the internet or how I consume it - the answer is - really badly. The result is a black & white thinking sinkhole which sits heavily on my shoulder.

Previously, I usually read trusted magazines on politics, like Polish "Newsweek" and "Wprost" - for all else I had telly news and blogs were an expansion providing commentary to events. I started my day with looking at usual websites for updates then moved on to work on things, watch stuff or *gasp* talked to people.

Recently read an entry on how we are currently constantly tapped into content stream and some forms demand us to react immediately and even if not - other whom we read or interact with might. Some folks can rock at snap responses while some don't - like myself - which is where we do not fully cover the subject or glance at it from the side but jump right in.

Recently, I made a drunk post on Tumblr as alcoholism is amazing and it just pushes me encouragingly towards impulssive decisions (it is by far better than last year or any other previous years where I had drunk till I puked). It essentially had been all 'fuck you, British government! You kill disabled people but you have not killed me so I will take you down with me' post. I had a disability panel the following morning and been stressed out of my mind, also bitter and angry - the problem is 'how' I written it, as contents do ring true BUT screeching like a banshee at the internet does not help a thing. Certainly, venting this way can be beneficial to writers and readers but it is not for me. Other thing - I done it plenty other times when sober.

Moving on, the constant stream is a noise you can make quieter but still is there. Our insomnia got worse and we sleep four ours tops because ... we cannot stop reading everything - one falls asleep and other one takes over so needs to catch up on their stuff. It is not bad by itself as we all follow different things and have very different skills, hobbies and content preferences. However, when we all end up reading same things over and over again when energy could be spent on ... books? Magazines? Blogs we like? Youtube channels (we do not follow any reactionarry bar Cracked we also read).

I am barely able to complete reading a book and I have several unfinished because my mind gave up or got distracted. Even those political magazines are just there, waiting, under our pillows. Guess what? I do take phone to bed and am typing on it now - before only books, magazines and Kindle were allowed. Or people.

Not many folks are still in the blog-like sector as even those commercialised which is grand for some but not my thing. I guess the case of being the change is true so going back to blogging whilst this journal will be for daily stuff and private things (I did almost archive all blogs but am sure some still need manual input like those darn Tumblrs). At the moment, me and my husband Miles, are working on a photo blog since we both got into that by total accident as we looked into making videos which still shall happen BUT can write and chronicle making process as well.

I did renew payment on this journal for all the batch edits, filters and privacy settings plus did plug in a lot of custom RSS feeds for ease of reading. Could not sleep last night either so set up a proper server for hosting multiply Wordpress instances, all the photos and several domains. The company I went was recommended to me by lots of folks due to their good support and plans based around Unique Users per month. It is unlikely we reach 5k limit for a year we paid for ... and surprise, surprise - it was only 30 pounds per year. Am certain that the speed would stutter at bigger portals which need unlimited storage space but for blogs and portfolios it should be okay. Not that I seen anyone complain about anything

I shall do links in this post tomorrow from laptop as original entry that got me thinking needs to be plugged and all our server research.

On a totally unrelated note - our PC is dying and no part seems faulty but it refuses to turn on unless we try that for 10 times. Awfully glad we used opportunity to buy a laptop when we had extra money (we did go with a machine stronger than PC - it has newer GPU and latest i7 edition [desktop had the first one], lots of memory and good cooling) as would be sobbing by now. Not pleased I had to buy extra drive to copy PC files onto as ... already had done that and cane across a scammer ... on Amazon. Two years later and no one heard anything. Irony is we bought same drive and price only changed 10 pounds. Ah ... currency speculation and virtual mining... Our intent is to format internal drives and reinstall all after careful manual clean of hardware parts. Maybe will help - files are being copied now.

Now I go tap into more of those tasty streams till I collapse of exhaustion.


Date: 08/10/2017 22:15 (UTC)
lb_lee: Tiny scribbly man waving his arms while the yellow background is filled with red naughty words (ffffff)
From: [personal profile] lb_lee
We are actively fighting getting a smartphone, even though it's getting increasingly hard to avoid, just because we KNOW Rogan would never put the damn thing down. (Sneak either, probably.)

At least if we restrict the Internet to the big cumbersome immovable desktop, we won't go to sleep with it.

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